Starmer questions Boris on test-and-trace app

Sir Keir Starmer
Sir Keir Starmer [This screengrab taken from]

Questioned by Labour Leader Sir Keir Starmer:
Germany, app working 15th of June. 12 million downloads [, 12 million downloads]. Mr. Speaker, I checked that overnight. 12 million is way beyond. The Health Secretary said we would have the app by mid-May, presumably on the advice. The Prime Minister said we’d have it by the 1st of June. Now the government ministers say it won’t be ready until the winter. We spent 12 million on this; other countries are ahead of us. When are we going to have a working app?

Answered by Prime Minister Boris Johnson:
Mr. Speaker [, I’m afraid], I’m afraid he’s completely wrong because no country in the world has a working contact tracing app. I’ve always been and we have always been clear that the app would be the icing on the cake. If we can get it to work [, if we can get it to work], it would be a fine thing, but there isn’t one anywhere in the world so far. What we do have is a fantastic test and trace, NHS tests and trace operation that is already up and running that is going to get better and better and will be indispensable to our future success, and I think he should support it.