Northern Ireland could become a "permanent casualty" of Brexit if the Protocol dispute remains unresolved

The Northern Ireland Protocol may become an ongoing irritant unless a compromise is found urgently, peers warned.

There continues to be disagreement between the EU and the United Kingdom about controls and processes for goods shipped to Northern Ireland.

The peers expressed concern that the UK and EU’s approach to the protocol has failed to find solutions and have led to a severe deterioration in relations between London, Belfast, Dublin and Brussels.

To avoid a “permanent casualty” of the Brexit process, the UK and the EU need to work together urgently to find solutions to the Brexit problem.

The EU and the UK must solve the problem of the Irish border issue.

The economy and companies in Northern Ireland must reach an agreement.

COVID-19: No quarantine for travellers from the United States and the European Union

From Monday, people who have been fully vaccinated with a jab approved by the EU or US will not need to isolate when coming to England and Scotland from an amber list country.

Travellers will still be required to take a test before departure, and again after return to the UK, depending on their age.

An additional 91 people died in the 28 days following a positive test. Tighter rules will still be in place for French travellers to the EU and the US.

After taking a pre-departure test, travellers will not need to self-isolate when arriving in England and Scotland from an amber List country. Airlines UK and UKinbound stated that the change would enable the travel industry to restart and sustain 500,000 jobs in the UK.

Children under the age of 18 and five must be tested twice, before and after travel.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention are calling on US citizens not to travel to the UK.

COVID-19: Changes to self-isolation rule on August 16th

Boris Johnson says the remaining restrictions on the coronavirus in England will be lifted on 16 August for completely vaccinated people.

Recent data have shown a decrease in the number of daily cases. However, Mr. Johnson indicated that it was premature to draw general conclusions.

The daily number of cases declined but rose significantly on Wednesday, with 27,734 reported cases.

In England, the next date to remove the current self-isolation requirement is 16 August.

If Test and Trace contacts you, the NHS will ask you to isolate yourselves, but you may not be legally obligated to do so.

While the percentage of adults who received a double injection reached 70%, the percentage of individuals receiving their first dose of vaccination reached 88%.

The Prime Minister dismissed Gove’s description of people who did not receive the vaccine as “selfish”.

The government plans to introduce an NHS COVID-19 pass to allow people to demonstrate that they have been fully immunized.

The UK donates nine million vaccine doses to the poorest countries. It is the first of 100 million surplus doses that the UK has promised to donate.

Boris Johnson forecasts continued economic recovery following the pandemic

After a year of recovering from the flu pandemic, the UK economy is expected to grow by 7% this year, says Boris Johnson, adding that it is still early to predict the effects of the pandemic.

The UK’s GDP fell by 9.9% in 2020 due to coronavirus restrictions, and unemployment will rise to about 5.5% in the fall.

The government borrowed £299 billion to back up the economy, but less than expected.

Mr Johnson said that the roll-out of vaccines had helped to increase job numbers and that the rest of the year would see steady economic recovery.

The Prime Minister referred to an IMF report saying that jobs are coming back. The IMF recommended taking a cautious approach to the recovery.

Deputy Labour Leader Angela Rayner stated that flexible work should be a right for all and lead to better work/life balance.

COVID-19: Refusing the COVID-19 vaccine is selfish, says Gove

Cabinet Office Minister Michael Gove said that people who turn down Covid vaccination are “selfish” and put others’ lives at risk.

The government has already said it plans mandatory vaccination for nightclubs in England from September.

By Monday, 88.1% of adults in the United Kingdom had received their first dose of a coronavirus vaccine, while 70.5% had been completely vaccinated.

The government plans to make full vaccination for those who are not covered by an exemption a condition of entry for nightclubs in England starting in September.

Speaking also on Tuesday, the Scottish First Minister said that people should regard it as a “collective civic duty” to be vaccinated.

Some Conservative MPs criticised COVID-19 certification for civil liberties and threatened to boycott their party’s conference in the fall if proof of vaccination is demanded from participants.