PMQ: Ian Blackford on unemployment and extending furlough scheme

Boris Johnson and Ian Blackford - Prime Minister: Engagements (8 Jul 2020)
Boris Johnson and Ian Blackford - Prime Minister: Engagements (8 Jul 2020)

Prime Minister’s Questions: 8 July 2020

Questioned By Ian Blackford SNP Westminster Leader

Just this week, we have seen Spain look to extend its furlough scheme into 2021. Research has shown that prematurely ending the job retention scheme risks higher unemployment and weaker productivity, with a potential loss of up to £50 billion to GDP. The Resolution Foundation is calling for £3 billion to £5 billion to be spent on extending furlough payments for the hardest-hit sectors, and the TUC is warning of the effect that ending the furlough scheme early will have on people who are shielding and in difficulties. This is about not throwing away the benefits that we have accrued. The Prime Minister seems intent on sinking the lifeboat that has been keeping so many people afloat. If the Prime Minister will not extend the furlough scheme, will he give Scotland the powers so that we can do it ourselves?

Answered By Boris Johnson The Prime Minister (Leader of the Conservative Party)

I think I have answered the right hon. Gentleman’s question already. I believe it is absolutely essential that we invest in our people and protect them from the effects of this epidemic, as we have done at huge expenditure, quite rightly, but it is also essential that we get the economy moving, including in Scotland. I hope that he supports that objective as well.