PMQ: Anna McMorrin on living wages and unacceptable work conditions

Prime Minister: Engagements (8 Jul 2020)
Boris Johnson and Anna McMorrin - Prime Minister: Engagements (8 Jul 2020)

Prime Minister’s Questions: 8 July 2020

Questioned By Anna McMorrin Shadow Minister (International Development)

I am shocked and angered at workers in UK clothing factories such as Boohoo being paid a mere £3.50 an hour and being forced to work in totally unacceptable conditions. In the 21st century, there must be no room for exploitation and modern slavery. We must call time on fast fashion for the sake of people and our planet, so my question is simple: what will the Prime Minister do about it?

Answered By Boris Johnson The Prime Minister (Leader of the Conservative Party)

First, it is this Conservative Government who set out laws against modern slavery. It is this Conservative Government who massively increased the living wage — not only instituted the living wage, but massively increased it. We hoped that it would be the Labour mayor of Leicester who would stand up for the interests of the workforce in his community. That is what we will do.