David Lammy on Winston Churchill's statue

On the Andrew Marr Show, David Lammy was replying to a question on Winston Churchill’s statue,
“…well his statue should never have been attacked and the idiots that did it deflect from the central message of black lives matter but is anyone seriously calling for Winston Churchill statue to come down. I mean, I hope not. I mean clearly Winston Churchill stood in Parliament prior to the war he was one of the only MPs speaking out against appeasement, he then after Chamberlain resigned became leader and led a coalition government … that … that defeated fascism and for all of those reasons he’s hugely respected so I wouldn’t support his statue coming down but I recognise of course there’s a debate about what he did in Bengal with the famine, what he did in the Tony Pandy riot and I did a documentary for Channel 4…just a few months ago where I looked at his attitude to Africans that are contributed to the work first world war, and he was found wanting. Many great figures in history are also flawed, and we ought to be able to have that debate as well.”